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- Handimark - Load New Supply Error #1


When powering on the Handimark, the screen readys Load New Supply #1. Why is this? How can I correct it?


This Load New Supply error means that the printer is unable to read the smart cell (computer chip) on the roll of tape (which tells the printer the width and legth of the tape, how much is left, etc). Follow the trobuleshooting steps below.

1. Open the cover and remove the roll of tape.
2. Make sure the tape sensors are not broken off and are clean. The tape sensors are the two metal tabs in the center of the tape roll holder - in the left, fixed (doesn't move), material guide. If either tab is broken off, contact Brady Technical Support to get a Repair Authorization for the printer. You may clean the sensors with a soft cloth or cotton swab soaked in Isoprpyl Alcohol.
3. When loading the tape, make sure the right, movable material guide is snug against the roll of tape. Make sure the silver tab (between the roll of tape and the LCD) is firmly in whichever notch is necessary (1 - 6) to keep the roll of tape snug between the two material guides.
4. Make sure the tape is loaded correctly: the green and silver smart cell (looks like a bull's eye should be on the left side of the tape roll, touching the tape sensors in the left, fixed material guide, and the white Handimark label (number, width / color / material, Lot #, and Pat#) should be on the right side of the tape roll, touching the right, movable tape guide.
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